HTG-K7 PCIe Extensible FPGA Framework


Extensible FPGA Framework (EFW) empowers FPGA developers with a verified set of productivity solutions, including module targeted physical interface components, device drivers and APIs for the HiTech Global HTG-K7-PCIE module. Frameworks save months of development and debug time by enabling developers to skip the tedious and time-consuming phase of IP core integration, interface verification and firmware development.


  • Integrated, hardware verified solutions for 1G/10G Ethernet development
  • HTG-K7-PCIe module targeted system building blocks of DMA Controllers, Ethernet MAC and PCS, PCIE application interface, AXI4 Interconnect, DDR3 and Flash Memory controllers
  • Frameworks bundled with:
    • All Options: x8 PCIe Gen2 PCIe application interface, AXI4-Lite master/arbiter for memory mapped interface, Field Upgradeable (FUp) controller for in-system Flash programming and I2C controller o
    • Ethernet Options: Synthesizable binaries and full simulation libraries GiGE, Low Latency 10G or Ultra-Low Latency 10G Ethernet solution
  • Linux source code device drivers and APIs for PCIe interface and DMA controller
  • Unified GUI (Binary) for the entire EFW with scripting support
  • Lowest startup cost for developing complete 1G and 10G solutions with Kintex-7 FPGA
  • Simplified, single-sourced licensing for all FPGA IP cores and drivers