Extensible FPGA Framework / Board Support Package

Leveraging Hitek Systems' Extensible FPGA Framework (EFW) Solutions allows your company to focus time and effort on their market differentiating custom IP while our FPGA framework takes care of the mundane but necessary peripheral logic to help get to market quickly. Our FPGA Frameworks give a several month head start to custom development on PCIe form-factor, COTS FPGA development platforms. We have Frameworks available for COTS PCIe modules targeted for both Altera and Xilinx devices. By using the FPGA board support package, the engineering development cycle is greatly shortened as it eliminates the time consuming effort of board specific physical interface design, implementation and debugging. Additionally, we provide Linux device drivers, APIs and a GUI application for seamless application level interface to the FPGA. Example projects along with full simulation environments, timing and I/O constraint files and synthesis scripts that facilitate quick and hassle-free module bring-up are also included. To simulate, integrate and test Ethernet and DMA cores (licensed separately) in your design, we also offer cost-free time limited synthesizable binaries and simulation libraries.

FPGA Frameworks