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03 April 2024 | News

Hitek Systems releases Agilex™ 5 SoC FPGA SOM, drop-in compatible with Agilex™ 7 SOM

Hitek Systems announces the availability of eSOM5C-Ex™, a compact System on Module (SOM) based upon the latest mid-range Agilex™ 5 FPGA E-Series from Altera®, an Intel company. The Agilex eSOM5C-Ex is drop-in compatible with eSOM7C-xF, Hitek’s Agilex® 7 FPGA F-Series SOM with single and dual F-Tiles, offering unparalleled migration flexibility.

06 March 2024 | Event

Accelerating 5G Open RAN interoperability with a complete radio development platform

Join experts from TI, Intel and Hitek Systems as they discuss how TI’s AFE7769D multi-band analog front-end radio-frequency (RF) transceiver solution and Hitek’s Agilex embedded system on module (eSOM7) development platform ease the design and deployment of Intel-based O-RAN architectures for LTE, 5G and other wireless communications systems with greater interoperability and performance.

15 Feb 2024 | News

Hitek Systems Introduces Agilex® 7 SoC FPGA-Based Radio Development Platform

Hitek Systems, Intel and Texas Instruments Collaboration Supports Open RAN Architectures for Small- to Macro-cell Base Stations. Hitek Systems today introduced a new Hitek eSOM7C development platform designed to ease the design and deployment of Intel-based Open Radio Access Network (RAN) architectures (O-RAN) for LTE, 5G and other wireless communications systems, while increasing system interoperability and performance.

29 November 2023 | News

Intel FPGA on Twitter

Hitek Systems, a company specializing in FPGA acceleration, design, IP, and firmware, has standardized their board portfolio of high-performance accelerators (HiPrAcc™) using Open FPGA Stack (OFS) and Intel Agilex® FPGAs.

18 September 2023 | News

Hitek Systems Uses Intel® FPGA and Open FPGA Stack in its HiPrAcc™

Following the launch of the Intel Agilex® FPGA family in 2019, now widely acknowledged as the highest-performing 7nm FPGAs in the industry1, Hitek Systems worked to incorporate Intel Agilex FPGAs in its own line of high-performance accelerators (HiPrAcc™). After evaluating its current board design and development flows, Hitek Systems concluded that standardizing its development flows to maximize reuse and expedite...

14 September 2023 | News

Intel Expands FPGA Portfolio

To address customers' growing needs, Intel expanded its Intel Agilex® FPGA portfolio and broadened its Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) offerings to handle the increased demand for customized workloads, including enhanced AI capabilities, and to provide lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and more complete solutions. These new products and technologies will be the focus of Intel's FPGA Technology Day...

27 June 2023 | News

MaxLinear Achieves 32.44 Gbps Data Rates in Successful JESD204C Interoperability Testing

MaxLinear provide a range of development platforms and tools based upon the HiTek Systems Agilex eSOM module and carrier board to allow developers to evaluate these solutions and speed up development.