Agilex eSOM7-2F Module



Intel 10nm Agilex 7 Series FPGA based embedded SOM (eSOM™) module for embedded, edge processing, wireless communication and networking centric designs. Up to 1.2Tbps high speed transceivers bandwidth supporting up to 58Gbps PAM4 and x16 PCIe Gen 4 interfaces. Integrated quad-core 64-bit A53 ARM processor complex with network, control and storage peripherals.


  • Aglilex 7 F-series 24C package FPGA with 2x F-tiles
  • Supported FPGAs: 027/022 and 014/012
  • Onboard FPGA fabric memory: 2banks of 72-bit 4/8GB DDR4 memories, 2GB SDM QSPI for FPGA image
  • On board HPS memory: 72-bit 4/8GB component DDR4 memory, 16/32GB eMMC and μSD card debug slot
  • Two 400-pin connectors
    • Primary Connector (J1)
      • F-Tile based Serdes interface; 16 NRZ (32Gbps) or 12 PAM4 (58.125Gbps) transceivers
      • HPS Interfaces: Ethernet (1000Base-T/MDI), USB 2.0 host, UART, I2C and SPI
      • BMC Interfaces: UART, I2C, board control I/O
      • Single +12V power input the module
    • Secondary Connector (J2)
      • F-Tile based Serdes interface; 16 NRZ (32Gbps) or 12 PAM4 (58.125Gbps) transceivers
      • Fabric side true-differential (LVDS), 1.2V differential, 1.2V single-ended GPIO for control, interface and clock management
  • Debug support: FPGA JTAG access, console access to HPS, UART and I2C interfaces to BMC FPGA, extensive temperature and voltage sensors for board telemetry
  • Up to 120A core rail supply using multi-phase controller and DrMOS power stages

BSP and Design Support

  • Complete Linux BSP support package
  • Comprehensive APIs for board management
  • Quartus reference projects
  • Carrier boards design guide for custom carrier designs

Target Markets

  • 5G/ORAN and SATCOM wireless systems
  • Embedded high performance edge AI/ML systems
  • Signal processing and image processing
  • 400/200G/100G/50G/40G/25G/10G networked signal processing devices and platforms