Intel Agilex Compact Embedded SOM (eSOM5C-Ex)



Intel 7 technology based Agilex 5 Series FPGA based compact embedded SOM (eSOM™) module for embedded, edge AI/ML  processing, wireless communication and networking centric designs. Designed for broad range of applications that require high performance, lower power consumption and smaller form factor. Highly flexibe interface and clocking architecture with option for high performance integrated network synchronizer. Drop in compatible with eSOM7C-xF, Hitek’s Agilex7 F-Series SOM with single and dual F-Tiles.


  • Agilex 5 E series group A and Group B FPGAs in B32 package with up to 24 XCVRs
  • Supports multiple density devices in the package:
    A5E065A/B, A5E043A/B and A5E043A/B
  • One 400-pin, K-2 socket mezzanine connector
  • Up to 24 transceivers, 28G(A) or 17G(B) NRZ
  • Up to 42 SE 1.2V and 12 true-diff LVDS I/Os
  • Dual core ARM A76 and Dual core A55 processing complex with Ethernet, USB3.1/USB2.0, UART, SPI, I3C/I2C interfaces and I/Os
  • Option for integarted Skyworks Si1518 timing synchronizer based PTP/1588 with JESD clocking
  • Max10 Board Module Controller (BMC)
  • Industrial temp design, -40C to 85C
  • Compact 110mm x 82.5mm form factor

Target Markets

  • 5G/ORAN and Satcom wireless systems
  • Embedded high performance edge AI/ML systems
  • Edge AI/ML image and signal processing
  • 100G/50G/40G/25G/10G networking platforms

BSP and design support

  • Complete Linux BSP support package
  • Comprehensive APIs for board management
  • Quartus reference projects
  • Carrier boards design guide for custom carrier designs

MIPI Camera Adapters

  • Flex-Flat cable adapter boards for Raspberry Pie
  • Up to four lanes MIPI support with direct connection
    to Agilex 5 FPGA
  • Up to 2.5Gbps per lane
  • I2C interface camera control and configuration

Wireless/O-RAN and Networking Carrier

  • x8 SERDES to the FMC+ connector for JESD204B/C or other network/video interface; up to 32.45Gbps
  • Onboard control and I/O conditioning for interface to high performance FMC/FMC+ RF transceiver development boards from ADI and TI
  • 2 x SFP28 connectors for 10G/25G/50G Ethernet and eCPRI interface
  • 1 Serdes lane routed to MCX connctors
  • One QSFP28 connector; up to 200G Ethernet
  • One QSFP-DD connector; up to 400G Ethernet
  • SFF-8644 connector for x4 Gen4 PCIe target
  • M.2 connector for x4 Gen4 PCIe root port
  • 1000Base-T Ethernet HPS Etherent and USB console interface
  • USB interface for integrated USB-Blaster II
  • 20-pin connectors for HPS and fabric I/O signals
  • Reference clock input and output interfaces
  • 12V power from standard ATX PCIe connector