HiPrAcc™ NC100

Intel Agilex Low Profile PCIe Card

Supports oneAPI for high level abstracted development flow


If the NC100 caught your attention, be sure to explore the upgraded NC220 / C220!


Highest network and PCIe performance low profile PCIe Data Center accelerator card with Intel’s 10nm Agilex FPGA.  Only module with 200Gbps (4x56Gbps PAM-4) Ethernet interface and 16x PCIe Gen4 support.


  • PCIe low profile (half-length, half-height) form factor (6" x 2.46")
  • Available with single-slot and double-slot passive and active cooling configurations
  • Agilex AGF014 and AGF012 device support
  • 16x PCIe Gen4 (256Gbps) host interface
  • Up to 200Gbps network interface via single zQSFP 56Gbps PAM4 and 28Gbps NRZ
  • 3 banks of 64-bit DDR4 memory (12GB/24GB)
  • Agilex ARM HPS support with 16/32GByte eMMC and option for direct GigE network interface to HPS (requires full-height bracket with RJ-45 adapter)
  • Up to 75W card load with edge power and up to 125W card load with 6-pin PCIe power connector
  • Integrated USB Blaster II, Agilex debug and module monitor interfaces through a single micro-USB connector on PCIe bracket
  • Flexible clocking architecture with support for external synchronization/clock interface
  • Extensive power, voltage and temperature telemetry with SMBus based access for host server board management controller (BMC)
  • Open FPGA Stack, OpenCL and oneAPI support for high level abstracted development flow

Target Applications

  • Designed for Data Center workloads and scale out architectures
  • Bump-in-Wire networking and high-performance computing
  • Intelligent network controller for GPU farms
  • Machine learning, network, compute and storage acceleration


  • x16 Gen4 PCIe card edge Interface
    • Backwards compatible with Gen3
    • Supports bifurcation as two x8 Gen4/Gen3
    • Gen2 and Gen1 supported via link down-training
  • zQSFP+ (QSFP56) Network interface port
    • PAM4: 1x 200G (Soft IP, 4 lanes)
    • PAM4: 2x 100G (E-Tile hard IP, 2 lanes per port)
    • PAM4: 4x 50G (Soft IP, 1 lane per port)
    • NRZ: 1x 100G (Soft IP, 4 lanes)
    • NRZ: 2x 50G (Soft IP, 2 lanes per port)
    • NRZ: 1x 50G (Soft IP, 4 lanes)
    • NRZ: 1x 40G (Soft IP, 4 lanes)
    • NRZ: 4x 25G/10G (E-Tile hard IP

Hardware verified 200G/100G/50G/40G Soft IP Cores available from Hitek Systems

  • Unified micro-USB 2.0 interface with on-board USB hub for:
    • Integrated USB Blaster II
    • UART interface to HPS or FPGA fabric (DIP switch selectable)
    • UART interface to module control CPLD for card monitor and control
  • 14-pin header for HPS GigE network interface (requires full-height bracket with RJ-45 adapter)
  • SMB coaxial connector for external clock/PPS reference input

Memory, Storage and Configuration Interfaces

  • Three 64-Bit DDR4 interfaces, 4GB or 8GB each component memory
  • One DDR4 port routed to HPS accessible banks
  • 16/32GByte eMMC storage device for HPS
  • 2Gbit QSPI flash for FPGA configuration connected to the module control CPLD
  • x8 AVST configuration interface from module control CPLD
  • 64Mbit QSPI flash for module control CPLD and BMC controller

On-board Development and Debug Support

  • Integrated USB Blaster II
  • UART access to the FPGA and module control CPLD
  • Temperature, voltage and current monitoring sensors to module control CPLD
  • Module input power measurement for profiling and verification in target servers/environment
  • Automatic over-temp FPGA de-configuration
  • Support for server Board management controller (BMC) with MTCP protocol support via SMBus through integrated module control CPLD processor (Planned)
  • 4 bi-color LEDs for network port interface status
  • Tri-color module status LED at PCIe bracket edge
  • Multiple on-board diagnostic and status LED

Power and Heatsink Options

  • Options for edge power or 6-Pin PCIe connector power input
  • Options for single-slot and double-slot passive and active heat sinks
  • 75W with PCIe edge power
  • 125W with double slot 6-pin PCIe connector power

Product Brief

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