HiPrAcc™ NCS200

Agilex Network Computational Storage

Supports oneAPI for high level abstracted development flow




  • Intel high performance Agilex F027 FPGA with two P-Tiles and one E-Tile (Can support F019, F022 and F023 devices as build SKUs)
  • 16 transceivers with up to 32Gbps NRZ or 8 transceivers with up to 57.8Gbps PAM4
  • P-Tile based x16 Gen4 PCIe host interface (Edge Connector)
  • Support for up to four Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSDs
  • GPU profile: 3/4 length, full height, double-wide [Length 266.7mm, height 111.15mm, double-width 39mm (34.8mm primary, 2.67 secondary)]
  • Up to 300W card load with 75W from the PCIe edge connector and 225W from the auxiliary 8-pin CPU/GPU (EPS) connector
  • Flexible clocking architecture with support for external synchronization/clock interface
  • Open FPGA Stack, OpenCL and oneAPI support for high level abstracted development flow

Target Applications

  • Smart NIC solutions
  • Embedded designs
  • Signal processing/image processing
  • Up to 4x100G/50G/40G/ and up to 16x 25G/10G networked signal processing devices and platforms


Product Brief

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