Network Synchronizer Module

Renesas RC38612



Network timing and clock synchronizer module designed to pair with eSOM7 5G/Wireless development platform. Implements PTP/1588 and SYNCE based network synchronization and generates low phase noise transmit clock and JESD DevClk and SysRef reference signals required by most 5G ORAN and wireless/Satcom digitizer applications.


  • Designed as an optional add-on card to the eSOM5G/Wireless carriers, providing network synchronization and de-jittered clocks for wireless applications including 5G/O-RAN
  • Small 2.2”x3.1” form factor module that plugs into the eSOM via 50-pin connector
  • Based upon RenesasRC38612 timing generator and synchronizer chip with high performance PTP/1588 support through RenesasPTP Clock Manager software respectively
  • Module designed to support various operating modes:
    • Network synchronizer for recovered or reference clocks
    • Jitter attenuator for recovered clocks
  • Full support for JESD 204B/C DevClkand SysRef generation for RF transceivers
  • Provisioned with TCXO and OCXO for higher stability applications
  • Connectors for external TOD, PPS/IRIG and reference clock inputs

Product Breif

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