Stratix 10 H-Tile Dual FMC+ Development Board


The Intel Stratix 10 SX (up to Sx2800) SoC FPGA based development platform for signal processing and communication centric designs with dual FMC+ mezzanine slots, dual QSFP28 and dual SFP+ front panel interfaces.  Integrated quad-core 64-bit A-53 ARM processor complex with network, control and storage peripherals.


  • Intel S10 SX SoC FPGA (with H-Tile Transceivers)
  • Signal Processing and wireless communications centric design
  • Dual FMC plus mezzanine slots for application scalability and flexibility
  • Compact 8.15” x 8.4” module
  •  Complete FPGA support package available
  • Rich suite of Ethernet IP cores available
  • Available as integrated 19” half width, 1U, 300mm deep standalone SoC FPGA device

Interfaces and Functions

Front Panel Interfaces

    • Dual FMC+ (Vita 57.4) mezzanine interfaces. All 34 LA diff-pairs, 24 HA diff-pairs and 24 Serdes lanes routed to FPGA. Backwards compatible with FMC (Vita 57.1) modules
    • Max VADJ of 1.8V on LA, HA signals; DIP switch selectable for 1.2V, 1.5V and 1.8V
    • Dual QSPF28 ports for 2x100G, 2x40G, 8x25G and 8x10G data plane network interfaces
    • Dual SFP+ ports for 10G/1G for control plane network interface to A-53 ARM controller
    • Micro-USB 2.0 control and configuration port with integrated USB hub for single cable access to integrated USB Blaster II, module management and serial debug console
    • RJ45 GigE and USB2.0 host interface to A-53 ARM controller HPS

Fabric Memory And SDM Configuration Interfaces

    • One 64-bit DDR4 SODIMM slot with dual-rank and dual-die support
    • SDM configuration options for QSPI, microSD and JTAG
    • Dual 512Mbit Micron QSPI Flash memory device boot
    • MicroSD slot for FPGA configuration through microSD plug-in memory card

HPS Memory Interfaces

    • One 64-bit DDR4 SODIMM slot with dual-rank and dual-die support
    • On-board slot for uSD memory card
    • On-board 16Gbyte eMMC storage device

Clock and Synchronization Functions

    • 5–200MHz external reference clock input
    • 1PPS or IRIG-A/B/G (DCLS and AM) input
    • Flexible clocking tree with Silicon lab Si5345 clock de-jitter and synthesizer
    • Flexible FMC+ clock routing and configuration
    • Support for application specific clocking including GPS interface through clock mezzanine module

Power Tree

    • All Intel (Enpirion) power tree conforming to Intel’s recommended Stratix10 power-up and power-down sequencing
    • ATX power supply (PCIe) 12V power connecter
    • Remote power management through USB console

On-board Development and Debug Support

    • Integrated USB Blaster II
    • Remote module management and control for power, boot and reconfiguration through USB interface
    • Module clock configuration management through HPS I2C interface
    • Temperature monitor and power modules telemetry through USB interface
    • Automatic over-temp shut down
    • Multiple on-board and front panel diagnostic and status LED’s

Applications and Target Markets

  • Wideband Wireless and RF Communications
  • 5G wireless technology development
  • Signal Processing / Image Processing
  • 10G/25G/40G/100G networked signal processing devices and platforms

Product Brief

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Compatible Modules