10/100/GiGE Tri-Mode MAC


The 10/100/GiGE Tri-mode Ethernet MAC offers an IEEE802.3-2008 compliant solution that meets the requirements for tri-mode LAN in NIC (Network Interface Card) applications.


  • Triple mode MAC with MII/GMII PCS side interface and a simple FIFO based user side interface
  • GMII to RGMII interface wrapper
  • Statistics counter block (for RMON and MIB)
  • MDIO cores for external PHY status/control


  • Compiled synthesizable binaries or source code (Verilog) for the MAC core
  • Source code RTL (Verilog) for I2C, MDIO, RMON and Register-File blocks
  • Reference design with RTL based generator/checker
  • An example design for interface to an external Marvell 88E1111 Ethernet PHY device
  • Self checking behavioral models and test benches for simulation
  • Constraint files and synthesis scripts for design compilation
  • Design guide(s) and user manuals

Product Brief

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