HiPrAcc™ CS200D

Dual Agilex Computational Storage Module



Highest performance PCIe Computational Storage accelerator card with dual Intel 10nm Agilex FPGAs. Only module with up to 32/64TB on-board NVMe storage coupled with high performance FPGA processing nodes and Gen4 PCIe switch interconnect.


  • PCIe add-on card compliant to PCI-SIG, PCI Express Specifications Revision 4.0
  • 3/4 length, full height, double-wide [Length 266.7mm, height 111.15mm, double-width 39mm (34.8mm primary, 2.67 secondary)]
  • Two high performance Agilex F-Series 027 FPGA processing nodes with two P-Tiles and one E-Tile
  • Support for up to eight on-board Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSDs
  • PCIe Gen4 switch interconnect for the two FPGA nodes, 8x Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSDs and x16 Gen4 host PCIe edge connector
  • 2 banks of 64-bit DDR4 memory 8GB/16GB) for each FPGA node
  • Up to 300W card load with 75W from the PCIe edge connector and 225W from the auxiliary 8-pin CPU/GPU (EPS) connector
  • Integrated USB Blaster II, Agilex debug and module monitor interfaces through a single micro-USB connector on PCIe bracket
  • Extensive power, voltage and temperature telemetry with SMBus based access for host server board management controller (BMC)
  • Optional Firefly interface for Networking interface

Target Applications

  • Designed for high performance computation and store acceleration workloads
  • Machine learning, AI inference,
  • Big Data Analytics, Database Acceleration

On-board Development and Debug Support

  • Integrated USB BlasterII
  • UART access to the FPGA and module control CPLD
  • Temperature, voltage and current monitoring sensors to module control CPLD
  • Module input power measurement for profiling and verification in target servers/environment
  • Automatic over-temp FPGA de-configuration
    • Multiple on-board diagnostic and status LEDs


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Product Brief

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