UDP/IP Offload Engine (UOE) FPGA IP Core Solution


UOE is high performance and highly customizable UDP/IP hardware stack compliant with RFC 768 (for UDP) and RFC 791 (for IPv4)/RFC 2460(for IPv6). The UOE core includes:

  • L4 UDP engine
  • L3 IPv4/IPv6 engine
  • L2 Mac engine
  • Statistic counter blocks and user configurable registers
  • ARP and ICMP buffers

UOE is designed to be integrated with any Ethernet Solutions that has AXI4-ST/Avalon-ST interface. User interface can be customized for AXI4-ST or Avalon-ST. Data path in addition supports a wide range of interface widths from 32-bit up to 512-bit. Single clock design provides easy manageability for the user.

32-bit user interface runs @ 312.5MHz clock for 10G, 64- bit user interface runs @ 156.25MHz for 10G, 128-bit user interface runs @ 312.5MHz for 40G, 256-bit user interface runs @ 156.25MHz for 40G, and 512-bit user interface runs @ 312.5MHz for 100G.

Core IP layer can be customized for IPv4 or IPv6 depending on the application. The header fields can be configured once for point-to-point applications.

Our solution implements and delivers the low latency with highest throughput and minimum or no inter-packet gap.


  • Implements RFC 768 for UDP.
  • Implements RFC 791 for IPv4.
  • Implements RFC 2460 for IPv6.
  • Supports 32/64/128/256/512-bit wide data paths.
  • Can handle data rate up to 100Gbps.
  • Multiple user interface options for the data path; AXI4 streaming or Avalon Streaming.
  • Supports for VLAN tagged frames according to IEEE 802.1Q.
  • Supports user data packets from 1 to 1472 bytes in standard mode.
  • Optional Jumbo frames support up to 9000 bytes.
  • High performance core with low latency and lowest inter-packet gaps.
  • Remove padding from MAC frames.
  • Discard datagrams having MAC errors, e.g. CRC error, PHY error.
  • Can distinguish between unicast /multicast /broadcast datagrams and discard multicast packets.
  • UDP checksum generation and checking at high speed using an efficient pipelined implementation.
  • IPv4 checksum generation and checking and discard datagrams if checksum fails.
  • Filtering of received frames based on MAC and IP address.
  • Encapsulation/De-Encapsulation of MAC header along with UDP and IP.
  • Can send ARP Announce and ARP Response Packets.
  • Classify ARP and IP packets at L2.
  • Classify UDP and ICMP packets at L3.
  • Customizable IP layer for version 4 and 6.
  • Can discard IP datagrams with invalid fragment offsets flags.
  • Forward fragmented IP datagrams to fragment buffer after UDP and IP checksum checking and IP header sanity checks.
  • Drops datagrams with invalid IP header fields.
  • Implements statistics of frames, datagrams, segments at L2, L3 and L4 respectively.

Product Brief

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