Agilex 5G-Wireless Platform


The Agilex 5G/Wireless development platform provides a quick evaluation and prototyping platform for 5G/Wireless solutions based on the Intel’s latest high performance 10nm Agilex F-Series FPGA.  The development platform consists of two modules, an Agilex FPGA based main SOM (System On Module) board and a carrier board which implements breakout of the FPGA I/Os through high speed SOM connectors.  The carrier module provides an FMC VITA57.1 connector for interfacing to a limited set of Analog Devices high speed ADC/DAC/MxFE FMC modules.  In addition, the FMC carrier module also provides multiple networking interfaces to breakout the E-Tile high speed transceivers of the Agilex FPGA.


  • Intel 10nm Agilex AG014 FPGA with P-Tile and E-Tile transceivers
  • 8 transceiver lanes with up to 28.9Gbps NRZ to FMC transceiver lanes for JESD support
  • 4 E-Tile XCVRs to QSFP56 connector for implementing up to 100Gbps network interface
  • 4 E-Tile XCVRs to quad SFP56 connector for implementing 4x 25Gbps/10Gbps network interfaces
  • P-Tile based x8 Gen4 PCIe interface through SFF8644 connector/cable assembly
  • LVDS interfaces on FMC for JESD204B/C SYSREF/SYNC interface support
  •  Two UDIMM/RDIMM interfaces for deep captures and playback support
  • Complete Linux FPGA support package available
  • Integrated and verified with Analog Devices AD9081/AD9082 MxFE ADC/DAC FMC modules
  • Optional Board Support Package with ADI APIs and Agilex JESD204B/C IP Core available. Includes DAC pattern generator/playback and ADC capture logic for analysis and prototyping

Product Brief

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FPGA Boards

Interfaces and Functions

Power Rails

    • Intel Enpirion power tree
    • 160A capacity VID core supply using Intel ED8401
    • controller and ET6160 power stages

On board HPS interfaces

    • 4GB DDR4 SDRAM
    • 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet
    • 16GB onboard eMMC
    • μSD card slot

Onboard FPGA fabric interfaces

    • 2 dual rank 72-bit RDIMM memory slots
    • 2GB micron SDM QSPI flash

Onboard debug support

    • USB-Blaster for CPLD and FPGA JTAG access
    • USB-I2C bridge for register access to the CPLD, FPGA and power modules
    • USB-UART bridge for console access to the HPS
    • Temperature and voltage sensors for board telemetry

IP cores available 

    • 10G Extreme Low latency IP Core
    • 25G Ultra Low latency IP Core
    • 40G Ethernet IP Core
    • 100G Ethernet IP Coree
    • 200G Ethernet IP Core
    • RS-FEC (544, 514) and (528,514) IP Cores
    • UDP/IP Offload Engine (UOE) IP core
    • Configurable Control/Data plane packet filters
    • Peripheral IP Cores (e.g. I2C, MDIO, SPI etc.)

Agilex-eSOM FMC Carrier


  • ATX +12V PCIe power connector for powering up the FMC carrier as well as Agilex-SOM module
  • FMC power rails including +12V, +3.3V (I/O and AUX) and +1.2V VADJ (fixed)
  • Intel Max10 for module control/status and FMC module single-ended I/O expansion
  • 4x SFP28 connectors for quad 1G/10G/25G networking interface
  • QSFP28 interface for 4x25G/100G networking interface
  • Dual SFF-8644 connectors for PCIe Gen4x8 interface support through cable assembly
  • Configurable Control/Data plane packet filters
  • Micro-USB based debug/configuration interface using CP2112 USB-I2C bridge and TCA9548 I2C switch.