Agilex eSOM7 Wideband Wireless Development Platform

Analog Devices (ADI)


Supported ADI Development Kits

  • AD9081, AD9082, AD9986, AD9988 MxFEs
  • AD9208, AD9689, AD6688 ADCs


The Agilex eSOM7 5G/Wireless development platform provides a quick evaluation and prototyping platform for 5G ORAN and wireless solutions based on the Intel’s latest high performance 10nm Agilex F-Series FPGAs.  The development platform consists of two modules, an Agilex 7 F-Series FPGA based eSOM7 (embedded System On Module) board with two 400-pin high speed mezzanine connectors and a carrier board which implements breakout of the FPGA serdes and I/Os.  The carrier module provides a VITA57.4 FMC+ connector with level translation and control logic to interface with ADI wide channel bandwidth Mixed-Signal Front Ends (MxFE), ADC and DAC evaluation boards.



  • Compact 8.5” x 7.0” carrier for Agilex eSOM7 FPGA module
  • Supports interchangeable eSOMs with different Agilex devices; primarily designed for Agilex 7 series FPGAs with 1x and 2x F-Tiles
  • Designed to provide End-to-End connectivity for 5G, Wireless and Satellite-Hub developments
  • VITA57.4 FMC+ connector for RF transceiver evaluation modules
    • 8 Serdes lanes up to 32 Gbps for JESD204B/C connectivity
    • JESD clocks and SYSREF signals mapped to FPGA’s true LVDS IOs
    • Control, configuration and I/O with level translation mapped through Max10 CPLD on carrier to support targeted evaluation modules
  • Network interface connectors
    • 4 x SFP28 connectors with support for 10G/25G/50G Ethernet and eCPRI interfaces
    • One QSFP28 4 QSFP28 connector for networking up to 200G Ethernet
    • One QSFP-DD connector for high performance networking up to 400G Ethernet
  • Selectable x4 Gen4 (16Gbps) PCIe Gen4 interface
    • SFF-8644 connector for x4 PCIe target to Agilex FPGA
    • x4 PCIe master interface through a M.2 connector
  • Resistor steering based highly configurable carrier clocking network
  • Integrated USB Blaster II debug interface through micro-USB connector
  • 50-pin connector for network synchronizer and interface expansion modules
    • Signals mapped to eSOM HPS to support SPI, I2C and UART interfaces
    • Differential clock and synchronization signals to support PTP/1588 and SYNCE based network synchronization including JESD 204B/C clock generation
  • Processor and debug interfaces
    • HPS Ethernet 1000Base-T via RJ45 connector
    • HPS UART and BMC I2C to the USB2.0 connector via USB to UART+I2C bridge
    • HPS I2C to the carrier I2C expansion switch and carrier CPLD
    • HPS mater SPI to the carrier CPLD with support for FMC+ SPI expansion
  • 6-pin ATX connector for +12V power input

Product Brief

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Platform Boards

FPGA Board
5G/Wireless Carrier

Optional Add-Ons

Network Synchronizer Timing Modules

eSOM Framework for ORAN Development


  • Integrated JED204C Intel FPGA IP (with F-Tile) configured for supported RF-XVR/ADC/DAC devkits
  • N-Channel (up to 8) Playback Controller with support for samples playback from FPGA internal memory or external DDR4 memory
  • N-Channel (up to 8) Capture Controller with support for samples capture in FPGA internal memory or deep captures in external DDR4 memory
  • Multiplexing logic for user custom pre-processing and post-processing logic at JESD Tx(DAC) path
  • Multiplexing logic for sample capture at JESD Rx interface before or after user custom processing in ADC path
  • External memory controller and Avalon-MM Arbitration
  • Avalon-MM slave and Address decoder for configuration/status registers on HPS LWH2F interface
  • Avalon-MM HPS H2F interface for burst read/write access to external memory (for sample playback/capture files)
  • ARM HPS (Hard Processing Subsystem) with Linux support
  • Software utilities and tools for sample playback and capture support